Urgent Press Release: Greenfield denounces Republican PAC dirty trick

Faso Flyer

It has come to my attention that today I became the unwitting, unwilling “beneficiary” of a Republican PAC in Texas that has delivered $49,000 worth of mailers, robocalls, and social media ads exclusively to registered Democrats in New York’s 19th Congressional District, attacking Antonio Delgado, and comparing him unfavorably to me. This expenditure is almost 50 times my total advertising budget.

The messages are not from me, my campaign, or any PAC supporting me. They are not from the Green Party or any PAC supporting us. They are from Republicans.

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The Rational Case For Green Candidacies

I’m lower working class — you know, the class so thoroughly abandoned by the Clinton-Goldman Sachs Democrats 26 years ago that most of it voted for Trump. Like most people in my class, my pay has not increased since 2000, including during the years Democrats were running both houses of the federal legislature, and the Presidency, including the two years of a filibuster-proof Senate majority.

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