The Rational Case For Green Candidacies

I’m lower working class — you know, the class so thoroughly abandoned by the Clinton-Goldman Sachs Democrats 26 years ago that most of it voted for Trump. Like most people in my class, my pay has not increased since 2000, including during the years Democrats were running both houses of the federal legislature, and the Presidency, including the two years of a filibuster-proof Senate majority.

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Candidate Debate Tomorrow

Delgado claims that just that limited act, only to transition our electrical power generation to renewables over the course of 17 years, is too rapid and therefore disruptive to people whose jobs are in fossil fuels. The IPCC says there are only 12 years left before major disruption becomes the norm, and 120,000 Californians are in the dark, with their food spoiling and their revenues closed down, right now, while fires that started 3 months ago still rage. But Antonio Delgado, who took a leave of absence from his $330,000 per year job with the world’s largest fossil fuel industry lobby, Akin, Gump, to move here to run for Congress as a Democrat, thinks 17 years is too disruptive a timeline for the fossil fuel industry.

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