Steve Greenfield Blasts Egregious DNC Attempt To Block NY State BOE From Approving His Candidacy For Congress

Steve Greenfield, Green Party candidate for Congress in New York’s 19th District, was served with legal papers this afternoon by the Democratic National Committee, by way of its official counsel Perkins, Coie LLC, headquartered in Washington, DC, that name The New York State Board of Elections, along with Mr. Greenfield, as respondents in an unprecedented attempt by the DNC to have a court prohibit the BOE from continuing with its lawful function of examining the Democratic Party’s challenges to signatures on Mr. Greenfield’s nominating petition.

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No to landlord welfare!

Kamala Harris is running for President. She’d be a terrible President who just keeps blowing tax money on welfare for the rich. Her latest bill is a juicy handout to landlords masquerading as a gift to tenants to attract progressive attention.

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Instead of blocking the nomination by walking out, they are making election speeches for November and their Democratic Presidential primary for 2020. And many of you are circulating them, without even realizing that the proceedings can be halted…

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