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Urgent Press Release: Greenfield denounces Republican PAC dirty trick

Faso Flyer

It has come to my attention that today I became the unwitting, unwilling “beneficiary” of a Republican PAC in Texas that has delivered $49,000 worth of mailers, robocalls, and social media ads exclusively to registered Democrats in New York’s 19th Congressional District, attacking Antonio Delgado, and comparing him unfavorably to me. This expenditure is almost 50 times my total advertising budget.

The messages are not from me, my campaign, or any PAC supporting me. They are not from the Green Party or any PAC supporting us. They are from Republicans.

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Media Alert: Greenfield denounces Faso and Republican PACs

Conservatism in this district, and throughout New York State, used to focus on concerns about the relative values of government economic activity vs. private enterprise, the relative benefits of regulations vs. resources and entrepreneurial freedom to establish and expand productive output, and national security concerns over the militarized closure of overseas markets — not on culture clashes and ethnocentrism. We’re Union here, not Confederacy.

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Media Alert: Greenfield condemns Trump pardon of arsonists

It is volunteer firefighters, and emergency responders in general, who made America great from the days of its inception, and never stopped making America great to this day — not rogue politicians who give carte blanche to the domestic terrorists who have us in their crosshairs, not only by excusing them for their grave crimes, but offering them the highest praise, as if it is the criminals, and not the brave people who were put at acute risk by their crimes, who are the heroes.

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