February 10, 2020

Greenfield For Congress Launches in NY’s 19th CD

For Immediate Release, 2/10/20

Contact Steve Greenfield and 845-532-0280

Today, Monday, February 10, 2020 marks the official launch of Steve Greenfield’s campaign for House of Representatives in New York’s 19th Congressional District.

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a few months before his assassination, had called for a new means of allowing a public referendum on war should neither the Democrats nor Republicans make such a candidate available, Greenfield, in his DIY announcement video, said “this year there will be candidates who provide that referendum on war — and on fossil fuels, and denial of health care, and mass incarceration of minorities, and poverty, and all forms of inequality, and public and higher education, and on the human and environmental destruction created by non-defensive militarism and monopoly corporate profiteering. This year, New York’s 19th Congressional District will hold that referendum.”

Greenfield went on: “These are universal human interests. They know no party or cultural boundaries, and affect everyone. Towards that end, besides the Green Party ballot line, I will be seeking endorsements from people and institutions associated with all parties, no parties, and all small businesses, individuals, and demographic groups.”

But Greenfield draws the line on big banks, fossil fuels and war. He added “I will not accept one penny from Wall Street, from the fossil fuel industry, from war profiteers, from the private prison industry, or anyone who profits from human suffering and environmental devastation — including their lawyers and lobbyists. The residents of the 19th District will be able to vote for a candidate who owes allegiance to nobody but them.”

Greenfield touts a simple standard for legislation: “Is it Constitutional; is it good for the 19th District; is it good for America; is it good for the planet; and do we have an effective way to pay for it, including return on investment. If the answer is yes to all of them, the bill will get my vote. If the answer is no to even one of them, my vote will be no — and no donor or party boss will have any influence over that whatsoever.”

The first order of business for the campaign will be to get the required signatures to get on the ballot, which the new New York political calendar has moved up to no later than April 2nd. From there, the campaign will move on to fundraising and reaching out to regular voters, and in particular to the nearly half the registered voters who have had their interest in participating in elections beaten out of them by too many years of big-money partisan candidates who they know won’t make any difference in their lives. With no serious Republican opposition in the 2020 race, Greenfield considers this year’s contest to be wide open, the incumbent vulnerable for his pro-Wall Street, anti-health care, anti-education, pro-fossil fuel, strictly partisan voting record, and is running to win.

Steve Greenfield is 58 years old and lives in New Paltz, NY since January 2001. Prior to that, he was born and lived in New York City. Since moving to the Hudson Valley, Steve has been a volunteer firefighter for 16 years (Secretary and delegate to the Ulster County Firemen’s Association most of that time), a two-term elected school board member, and has held numerous appointed positions with the Town of New Paltz and the school district, where he currently serves as a community member of the Legislative Action Committee, which he chaired while on the board. He is married with three teenaged children, and the family belongs to the Jewish Congregation of New Paltz, where Steve serves as de facto fire safety officer.

Steve graduated from Columbia University in 1982 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has been a professional musician on sax and keyboards since he was 17, and has toured throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. He serves on the Executive Board of the Hudson Valley’s Local 238-291 of the American Federation of Musicians.

Recently Steve has been very active in Extinction Rebellion and Never Again Action, civil resistance groups dedicated to interrupting climate change and closing immigrant detention camps, respectively. This is his second try to represent New York’s 19th District in the House of Representatives, having come in third of four in 2018. He aims to restore the Constitutional separation of powers, end non-defensive war, build a thriving, sustainable post-fossil fuel economy, promote quality education and health care for all, and to return economic and governmental power to smaller-scaled, better-serving, more efficient, more democratic local control.

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