February 21, 2020

I support the Green New Deal

Four Key Pillars of the Green Platform

Does your member of Congress support opening more and more fracked gas-fired generating plants, and respond to your questions with the gas industry catchphrase, “bridge fuel?” Mine does, and that’s why I’m running against him.

And so do the great majority of Democrats. We have until 2030 to fix this, because by 2050 civilization will be its breaking point (as certified not by hippies, not by foreigners, not by scientists trading false evidence for liberal agenda-backed grants, but by the Pentagon and the US Army War College, unless think they’ve also been bought), and with those plants having lifespans going well beyond that, we simply cannot afford to open even one more of them, and then keep on fracking the gas, and creating thousands of square miles of seismically active zones where the Earth’s plates had placed permanent stability, and the property damage that causes, and leaking the methane, which has 80-90 times the greenhouse effect of CO2.

I support the Green New Deal, and have since 2002, when, in my first race, I called it “conversion to a post-fossil fuel economy,” without which stable civilization will not continue — while Antonio Delgado has not signed on to sponsor a single piece of climate mitigating legislation, even among those proposed by other members of his own party. He did, however, just vote for significant new tax breaks for fossil fuels in the USMCA, and for $2 billion to put Donald Trump in command of a Space Force while 27 million Americans struggle — and 30,000 times per year fail — to survive without health insurance.

In the meantime, the Danskammer, Cricket Valley, and CPV gas-fired power plants are going forward with Delgado’s full support, with others to follow.

The science is perfectly clear, and Antonio Delgado and the rest of the Fracking Democrats are as much deniers — and on the fossil fuel industry payroll — as Republicans. Fracked gas is a bridge to nowhere but climate and seismic catastrophe. The continued expansion of its use only happens if you vote for it.

If you feel inclined to put a halt to this, I would be very grateful for both volunteer and financial support. In 2018, Delgado and the Democrats spent $15 million turning this seat from red to fracked gas-burning blue. Thanks.

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