September 8, 2018

No to landlord welfare!

OK, coffee break’s over, everyone back on your heads. Full-tilt campaign ranting today, in two parts. Part 1 already posted below. 2) Kamala Harris is running for President. She’d be a terrible President who just keeps blowing tax money on welfare for the rich. Her latest bill is a juicy handout to landlords masquerading as a gift to tenants to attract progressive attention. As a matter of fact, Kamala, since you asked, I wouldn’t do anything with that money in my pocket, because when the landlord knows I have it, he’s raising my rent. So be honest, and ask the landlords what they’d do with all that tax money in their pockets. Since your system does nothing, either through housing expansion or a mandate to control price, that’s what will happen. You know that. Thanks to me, now some of the public knows it, too. Not only that, you’re encouraging people to sign leases that are well above what they can afford because you promised them the taxpayers will pay them the difference.

We have 43 million Americans living below the poverty line, and 50 million more just above it, one paycheck away from homelessness, as happened en masse in 2009 from the Obama Wall Street bailout. Supply and demand is not a hard concept. If you want people’s rent to be affordable, build them housing. Everyone else’s rent will come down, too.

No to landlord welfare. No to corporate welfare Presidents and Congressmembers hiding behind identity issues. Build housing for the poor, create good, unionized construction and maintenance jobs, and end poverty. End poverty, and reduce crime, family collapse, and other social ills caused by poverty. Here’s where a public option makes sense — not in health insurance. Build housing. And elect an economics major — not another Wall Street lawyer or lobbyist — to Congress so bullshit can be called promptly every time it’s proposed from either side of the aisle.

MarketWatch: Opinion: Kamala Harris has a terrible idea to lower the high cost of renting

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