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This is the official website of Greenfield For Congress.

Steve Greenfield, of New Paltz NY, is running for Congress to represent New York’s 19th District in the House of Representatives.

This campaign will be the only place you’ll find not only to talk about what needs to be done but the legislative plans to do it, including how to pay for it. All the while balancing the budget and returning the surplus to all taxpayers — not just the wealthiest.

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The Candidate

A 17 year resident of the district, former two-term Board of Education member for the New Paltz Central School District, and veteran volunteer firefighter, Steve has the distinction of being the only competitor with the incumbent who has held both elected and appointed public office.

In his years in office, Steve legislated and implemented public policy, and issued, awarded, and managed public contracts — all on time, and under budget.

Through his participation, Steve established himself as a leader both in the anti-high stakes testing movement, and the fight to eliminate property taxes as the primary source of public education funding.

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The Platform

Steve’s platform calls for prosperity, environmental stewardship, equality, improved health care and education, and peace in our time.

  • The Green New Deal: embracing green energy means full employment, conservation of nature, and a cash-rich economy.
  • Health Care: under Single Payer system (a.k.a Medicare For All), we are free to choose any doctor for any service, and have it paid for.
  • Peace in Our Time: Cut our $1.5 trillion military spending to address only actual threats and require a foreign policy that avoids international hostilities.

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The Campaign

Steve’s public service approach, whether for public policy, extricating someone from an overturned car, or extinguishing a fire, has always been simple: “Solve The Problem”.

If elected, Steve will continue to promote non-partisan, common-sense, low-cost, cooperative solutions that solve local problems,  increase local governance, and address larger national and international issues under the auspices of the United States House of Representatives.

Steve accepts no corporate or PAC donations, and confers with no lobbyists. He is beholden to no partisan machinery or legislative caucus.

His only boss will be YOU — the voters of the 19th District.

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